Goodbye to South Africa and Hello to The Netherlands

By Jodine Lourens

The realization of the fact that it is almost time for you to pack your things and travel across the world only shocks you to the core about a week before you have to fly. A week before you fly is when you start to feel agitated and turn into a bundle of nerves. Trust me; I felt like that swell.

It was time to say goodbye to South Africa and hello to The Netherlands. It was truly sad to have to say goodbye but as agitated and worried as I was; I also felt so excited. I couldn’t help myself. It was time for me to face the biggest and most fun adventure yet.

It was time to say hello to The Netherlands. The moment I landed I felt less worried and the excitement was overwhelming me. I was in awe when I first set foot off the plane. Already at that stage I fell inlove with The Netherlands.

The cold weather and crazy wind did not bother me at all asI am a winter person and would rather prefer the cold. As we drove to the place I now call ‘”my home”’ I was so involve with what I saw. Crazy right. How can you be inlove with something other than a person?

The phrase “The grass is always greener on the other side’’ has a literal meaning if you drive around in The Netherlands. Everything in The Netherlands just wants to make you jump out of your skin from joy. Just hop on your bike and go cycle and it instantly relieves all of your stress.

The Netherlands is the place I call home for a year. I am inlove with everything I have seen so far and I am so grateful and blessed that I got to say Hello to The Netherlands. Time flies when you get here.

I have almost been here for six months. It is truly crazy when I come to realization how much time has passed since I got here.

A little bit of advice. You control your time so use it as wisely as possible because time sure does fly when you are having fun. Taking the big step and living a year in The Netherlands is the best choice you can make and you won’t regret it at all. The Netherlands is definitely picture perfect.

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