A Trip To Venice

By Tanya Fourie

Where to begin? Having the perfect travel buddy makes everything better. From good planning to the best adventure together.

We decided to go to Venice for the weekend, because, why not? Being an Au pair means the budget is tight but the late night flight with only a backpack (no extra luggage) costs 50 euros.
Only arriving in Venice at 1am in the morning, it was hard to pre-book accommodation. After days of searching we finally found a place where we were able to check in at that time.

Friday, it’s finally time to go to the airport, it was exciting and stressful at the same time. Is my backpack small enough? Did I remember to pack everything I needed? Do I have my passport? Going through security was something else. I’ve always been allowed to just walk through but because I was wearing my hoody, the scanner couldn’t scan properly so they needed to do a body search. Always a first time for everything right!

After arriving in Venice and getting to our accommodation I didn’t feel so good. I was starting to get a common cold. The whole night my throat was sore. But when in Venice nothing can spoil the fun.
The morning we got up early to explore some of Venice before our boat trip to the surrounding islands. With the morning sun Venice felt captivating.

Ice cream for breakfast, why not? Kicking the day off with a smile and following Miss. GPS to our destination. The one thing I didn’t prepare myself for was all the stairs. There are bridges everywhere. And with a previous injury paracetamol was a real life saver.
While having a cold and a muscle that is aching, you say “when in Venice” and pretend it’s nothing. It’s a once in a lifetime adventure. ‘Fake it till you make it’ has never been more relatable.
Going on the boat trip was amazing. The islands was all unique. From Murano – Burano- Torcelo it was all amazing. Couldn’t have asked for better weather in March, 9° but sunny.
Getting pizza and pasta in Italy is a must. How to describe the taste of it, well I have never had anything like it. It’s delicious, a thousand times over.

Sunday, the last day in Venice, we explored and searched to get the perfect souvenir to remember this amazing trip, and of course more ice-cream. We did most of the touristic things and explored the city some more, taking all the city has to offer. Venice sure is A-maze-ing.

Ending the trip on a high note. Sunset next to the water, with a good view where the city meets the sea. Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful. The night life, the perfect scenery. Peaceful and lively.
We would be flying home that Monday morning at 7am so we decided to sleep at the airport, or should I say nap LOL! Coming back home it finally sinked in. I was in Venice!
At the end of the trip I realized how blessed I am to go places and experience the world out there. Making the best out of every situation.
To the best year! To making friends! To being blessed! To admiring new places! To being HAPPY!

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