Anecdotes from the Au Pair Life

Less than a year ago, while sitting in a gymnasium and staring at the last question of my final Physics exam, I realised something… besides not having a clue as to how I should attempt the question, I also didn't have a sliver of a clue as to what I really wanted to do with... Continue Reading →

The Unexpected

My year so far has been nothing but unexpected. The first 3 months were so surreal I couldn’t believe I was in Europe, au pairing no less. My first time overseas. I had decided to au pair overseas so I could gain perspective, independence and grow as a person. I have achieved all of those... Continue Reading →

Die Klein Dogtertjie Droom

Dit het alles begin by 'n klein dogtertjie wat in 'n klas kamer gesit en lysies gemaak het. 'n Lysie met al die lande wat sy wou besoek, 'n droom wat  so ontmoontlik gelyk het maar tog so moonlik geword het as gevolg van die passie wat sy gehad het.  Die passie wat haar gedryf... Continue Reading →

I had the time of my life!

This sentence is simple but most definitely describes my year the best. If I look back now, never would I have ever thought that this is how my year was going to look like. From getting lost (with Google maps) from missing busses and running after trains. From crying with laughter and becoming a regular... Continue Reading →

Boy, oh Boy!

Where do I even begin with the 9- lettered word, Au Pairing? My year started off quite unconventional. I immensely struggled to find my feet as an 18 year old in this daring world that waits for no one. So many things surfaced as problematic and in complete honesty, au pair to au pair, this... Continue Reading →

Smooth Sailing!

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor did it? My journey as an au pair so far was definitely not all smooth sailing, but I am honestly stronger and smarter because of the mistakes I made. I am wiser now that I have learned from all the mistakes I had made. Being an au... Continue Reading →


Hierdie jaar is 'n tyd van ontdekking, uitdagings en soos julle seker al kon aflei, lank loop. Jou au pair jaar kan vele dinge wees en dit hang ook af van persoon tot persoon, maar een faktor wat by almal 'n rol speel is jou ingesteldheid. Hoe jou jaar gaan verloop kan net een persoon bepaal en dit... Continue Reading →

The Metamorphosis

'You are so brave!' 'You are so lucky!' These are the words mostly uttered to me by people back home. When they hear and see the places I travel to or people I meet. I am sure many au pairs can relate. I’m sure it happens to you too. I realized how lucky we as... Continue Reading →

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