AU PAIR. au pair. a.u.p.a.i.r. au-pair-ing.

No matter how you say it or even read it, once that thought chain starts, it is not likely to stop.

Is it worth it? Do I even like children? Is the longing to familiarity going to overwhelm me? Should I, should I not… should I, should I not… What if, what if, what if…

That is the questions running through your mind when you think of becoming an au pair. You are uncertain. You are doubtful. Where to begin searching for an agency, what agency to trust, is it worth my while?

Most of us struggled with the same questions.

But now we are here and it is beautiful and magical. It is busy and breathtaking, exciting and terrifying. It is overwhelming and peaceful. It is different and adventurous. And through the whole rollercoaster ride you build new relationships and learn so much more about yourself.

It is not always easy being an au pair – sometimes kids are being difficult, money is tight, you get lost, things do not always go as you planned, you miss your bus.

But there are so many more positives than negatives: you get to see the Netherlands, you have the whole Europe on your front step, public transportation and bicycles, you get to live and experience the life of another country, another culture.

This blog is a peek into what it is to au pair in the Netherlands. What we do, where we go and why Holland. This is our story. Our travels, our perspectives and how wonderful wouldn’t it be if you could join us and write some stories of your own?

This is where we will share our stories so you can indulge in them, ask questions . We want to give you the truth and nothing less.

You will read stories of all our au pairs. This blog will convey how au pairs experience the Netherlands – their thoughts and how they see this beautiful country. You will also  be reading about how it is to cross the Dutch borders and experience more of Europe.

We want our stories to inspire and encourage you to take a leap of faith. This might just be the best year of your life…

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