The Unexpected

My year so far has been nothing but unexpected. The first 3 months were so surreal I couldn’t believe I was in Europe, au pairing no less. My first time overseas. I had decided to au pair overseas so I could gain perspective, independence and grow as a person. I have achieved all of those... Continue Reading →

One Hell of a Ride

Picture yourself standing in front of that huge sign on your first day “HIGH SCHOOL”. Now imagine telling that little girl that once you get through this, you’ll be making your way through Europe. Tell that little girl that you’re going to send yourself to a country, knowing no more than 1 other person, and... Continue Reading →

Die Au Pair Lewe

Au pair lewe is skrikwekkend, vreesaanjaend, wonderlik en ‘n fees. Au pair wees is soms ‘n uitdaging en soms nie. Dis een van die beste besluite wat ek kon maak, alhoewel die realiteite wel later inskop. Wees byvoorbeeld gewaarsku dat kos baie duur is en dat dit baie van jou geld “opvreet”, veral as jy... Continue Reading →

The Little bits of Heaven

My journey began in Eindhoven with a late bus, misty mornings and a little bit of heaven that is also known as trees. Me and my friend, Sam was travelling to Antwerp, Belgium with our backpacks and supermarket breadrolls. Our first time leaving the Netherlands since we started with au pairing. The road was breathtaking.... Continue Reading →

Bratwurst, borders & beer

When I heard that I had a holiday coming up, my mind immediately ventured to one place. A special country I had to return to... Germany! Working as an au pair in Europe, most certainly has its advantages. You are at the centre of a spectrum of cultures and all you have to do to... Continue Reading →


Hi, I am Simoné. Nice to meet you! I moved to Amsterdam 5 months ago to be an Au Pair. Living in Amsterdam has been such an amazing opportunity to emerge into different cultures and experience everyone’s acceptance of one another The Netherlands has a great functioning transport system which makes it very accessible for... Continue Reading →

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