The Metamorphosis

'You are so brave!' 'You are so lucky!' These are the words mostly uttered to me by people back home. When they hear and see the places I travel to or people I meet. I am sure many au pairs can relate. I’m sure it happens to you too. I realized how lucky we as... Continue Reading →

The all too famous “Au pair-life”

I’m sure that if you aren’t an au pair yourself, you probably know one or you’ve heard of this so called “au pair-life”. At first, I was very curious as to what this au pair-life entails, and I can tell you with 100% certainty, that it is not at all what Google says it is,... Continue Reading →

Make your list happen.

As au pairs I feel we all have a list: a list of things we want to accomplish, do and taste in our gap-year, but mostly places we want to see. Being an au pair in the Netherlands gives you a jump on most of the places on almost everybody's list because traveling from the... Continue Reading →

Au Pair Living 101

“I don't get a lot out of life because I don't put that much into it” - Anthony T.Hincks There isn’t much point to opening the window blinds if you’re not planning to look out of the window. Just the same there isn’t much sense in putting on your shoes if you don’t intend on... Continue Reading →

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