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Goodbye to South Africa and Hello to The Netherlands

By Jodine Lourens The realization of the fact that it is almost time for you to pack your things and travel across the world only shocks you to the core about a week before you have to fly. A week before you fly is when you start to feel agitated and turn into a bundle... Continue Reading →

The Ups and Downs of Traveling

by Zoe Fourie Before leaving South Africa to start my gap year in the Netherlands, I had never left the country before so the thought of being able to travel all over Europe was so exciting! Landing in the Netherlands was a surreal experience in itself. I couldn't believe that this would be home for... Continue Reading →

So much more than I expected…

by Megan Rivas Eight months ago, I was interviewing potential host families, I was finishing my degree and dreaming of what it would be like to live, work and travel in Europe ‘next year’. Four months later, I was boarding a plane on my way to realising that dream. Another four months later, and here... Continue Reading →

A Small Part of My Life

by Mariza Mak  I always knew my Granddad came from the Netherlands as a young boy.  He had stories about cold days, freezing canals, ice skating, being very poor after the war and only eating meat once a week. I therefore knew, when the opportunity arose, that the Netherlands would be my first choice to... Continue Reading →

A Trip To Venice

By Tanya Fourie Where to begin? Having the perfect travel buddy makes everything better. From good planning to the best adventure together. We decided to go to Venice for the weekend, because, why not? Being an Au pair means the budget is tight but the late night flight with only a backpack (no extra luggage)... Continue Reading →

My Au Pair Year

by Zane Enslin Our life is made up of many different seasons. Some seasons last longer than others, but wecan always be assured that a new season will come. Summer Within this season my journey started in the Netherlands. When I think back I think of howunsure, scared, and unprepared I was even though I... Continue Reading →

Some Things You Ought To Know…

I am about to step out of the plane. Suitcase, check. Passport, check. Ready to conquer the world, check. My foot leaves the aeroplane and I am cold. Ice, ice cold. All around me I hear the unfamiliar sound of the Dutch language and it wakes up a sense of pride in me. In a... Continue Reading →

Getting to know a new you.

By Joalisha Booysen I am Joalisha and a year ago, about this time, I got my degree and got confronted with the questions what now, what do I want to do with my life and where do I want to go? What I did know was that I want to see and experience the world... Continue Reading →

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